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A new box oven for curing coatings is ready to work!

The success of any enterprise development depends on many nuances. First of all, from meeting the needs and expectations of customers. And we, a company specializing in applying non-stick coatings, tefloning various surfaces, know this firsthand!

How to Get a Flawless Non-Stick Coating - 3 Key Ways

In order for our customers to be satisfied with the result of our work and the quality of the created Teflon coatings, we strictly adhere to three main requirements:

  • we use only the best materials;
  • we entrust the implementation of all work processes only to professionals in their field;
  • we use the most modern equipment.

And this year we made another breakthrough in improving the last point.

A chamber for baking Teflon and polymer coatings is already in the service of Novaflon!

In August 2020, we have designed, created and put into operation a new chamber for baking polymer coatings.

This equipment has a number of advantages:

  • allows you to achieve a high level of temperature distribution on products when heated;
  • provides automation of work and makes it possible to collect the entire range of data for analytics (due to software specially written for the on-board computer);
  • creates flawless heating per ton of weight due to good convection;
  • guarantees comfort and safety of work due to the modern ventilation system.

To implement the project, we purchased the best components, and a specialist invited from Estonia worked on its implementation.

The chamber has already successfully passed the first tests - with its help a non-stick coating was applied to the meter-long flour bins made of stainless steel. The quality of the result obtained allows us to say with confidence that from now on we can process dimensional molds measuring one meter by one meter, and also take on large-scale batches of products. We become the best for our clients!

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