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Is it possible to restore Teflon with your own hands

Comfortable and practical tableware with special teflon напылением uses the special love and respect of both numerous housewifes and professional cooks. Such comfortable to belonging is excellent антипригарные characteristics, allows to prepare practically without application of oil easily and simply washes, provides an ideal kind and taste of the prepared dishes. But, unfortunately, it shortlived enough.

As a result of the protracted or wrong exploitation of tableware the layer of the protective polymer inflicted on her surface is gradually worn away and peels off, covered by scratches and сколами. Similar damages result in that food in the process of preparation begins constantly to be slightly burnt and stick to the walls and bottom, and in dishes the additional strange “seasoning” – harmful for digestion snuff appears inevitably

Damaged spraying makes further use of kitchen utensils impossible. It must be urgently replaced or resuscitated by re-applying a new layer of Teflon.

Professional teflon coating repair gives the dishes a full second life and is much cheaper than buying a new kitchen.

Is it possible to restore the Teflon coating at home

Independently to reanimate the lost integrity and properties of антипригарні of coverage it will not be succeeded to the ordinary user. A process of causing of raylon on a metal is a difficult task, that requires from a performer the presence of the special knowledge and abilities, and also special professional equipment the use of that in home terms can not be repeated. Features of process of proceeding in a teflon layer in a company Novaflon :
  • The professional cleaning of surfaces is conducted from the accumulation of nakers and old layer of the damaged protective fur "coat" with the use of the special instruments and abrasives, fully bare a metal.
  • Overcoated popular European brands of Whitford, Greblon, Dupon or Tefal by a few professional methods with application of high-quality materials mine-out on territory of ES (in Ukraine, purchasing them is impossible). They are absolutely harmless for the organism of man, does not enter into a contact with a meal, are high characteristics of антипригарні.
  • Technologies that guarantee a high-quality result stick to severely - in the process of work high temperature influence is conducted within the limits of 500 degrees celsius.
Providing such technological terms in a standard home situation is impossible.

Is it possible to use utensils after removing Teflon from it?

With the aim of economy did you decide to try independently to take off teflon coverage that came in uselessness, to use a frying pan in future, how ordinary tableware for frying? More credible than all, from such brave idea nothing ground it will go out. And that is why. Firstly, qualitatively to clean a snuff and bits and pieces of напилення without the special experience and equipment is difficult enough, tedious and dirty work. In home terms it is possible to take advantage of Bulgarian with attachment, on that наждачка is fastened, or special metallic brush. Also it costs not to forget to provide oneself for experiments by sun-blinkers and respirator. In fact clubs of dust and pieces from a metallic brush will be in the process of cleaning unavoidable to fly away in mid air, trying to get to "master" in lungs, eyes, body and covering a brown-red blanket his skin, dressed, and also all surrounding space on a few meters in a district . Secondly, as though hardly you did not grind and did not polish, clean to clean such handicraft method old напилення it will be succeeded hardly - him microscopic bits and pieces however will remain on walls and day. Thirdly, far not always a metal that is under such protective fur coat is intended for a direct contact with food acids. So close "friendship" can quite soon result in a volume, that bare tableware will be covered by a blight or shells and will be afterwards useless for preparation of meal. Besides the process of frying on such frying pans and forms will be related to such difficulties:
  • By the use of superfluous amount of fat that will result in worsening of taste of the prepared foods to the further problems with a health (an increase of level of cholesterol is in blood).
  • Being slightly burnt of foods and formation of nakers - empyreumatic particles will do for taste of meal and by unfavorable character to influence to work of digestive tract of folks.
  • Protracted and heavy washing - form empyreumatic growths will be needed every time preliminary for a long time to wet, and then hardly to rub metallic ruffs with application of various chemistry.
As see, such thoughtless economy it is not good kind over will not bring, except the assured loss of time, forces and health, and also inevitable spoilage of expensive kitchen belonging. Trust proceeding in him original appearance and former properties of антипригарних to the specialists, and it yet long years will make you happy by the irreproachable service and delicious foods!

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