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The battle of coatings: non-stick with ceramic- which is better?

Practical and convenient non-stick pans are increasingly taking pride of place in the kitchen and in the hearts of housewives, making their life and cooking process much easier. To choose from the abundance of the presented modern market: with a Teflon or ceramic layer, what are their advantages and disadvantages – let’s try to figure it out in more detail.

Features of Teflon pans

Teflon is a perfectly smooth black coating that allows you to cook with little or no fat. Eliminates burning and sticking of products to surfaces, most often applied to aluminum pans (although their steel and cast-iron relatives can also quite successfully acquire such a "coat"). This provides the products with light weight, ease of use and has a very positive effect on their price. Teflon pans, as confirmed by numerous user reviews, have the following distinctive features:
  • heat up quickly and evenly - requires minimal warm-up time;
  • compatible with all types of boards;
  • can be washed in dishwashers;
  • can also be easily and easily cleaned with a regular soft sponge and a minimum amount of conventional detergent.
But it should be noted that Teflon is quite easy to damage during operation - contact with metal and hard products is contraindicated on surfaces. Stirring with metal spoons and spatulas, and even more so cutting food directly in the pan, can lead to scratches and chips on it. Such dishes must not be overheated - at temperatures above 270 degrees Celsius, the coating begins to deteriorate and lose its non-stick properties. Therefore, it is advisable to cook on it over low heat and not use it for long stewing and frying. But even if the Teflon assistant is covered with scratches, has lost its original attractiveness and former properties, it can be returned to full life by restoration (applying a new non-stick coating). In Ukraine, such services are provided by the Odessa company Novaflon.

Ceramic skillet: pros and cons

Ceramic coating is more varied in color range than black Teflon. It comes in different colors and shades, depending on the dye added to it. In terms of weight, such dishes are much heavier than their Teflon counterparts. And in terms of cost, it is several orders of magnitude higher - not a budget option at all. But ceramic kitchen utensils undoubtedly have advantages:
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Ability to cook practically without the use of fat and oil (maintaining non-stickiness is not worse than that of a Teflon cousin).
  • Easy maintenance - ceramics can be easily cleaned with warm water (sometimes even without using special detergents). But you need to remember that it is very afraid of temperature changes - you need to wash it only after it has completely cooled down, otherwise the surface will crack.
  • Resistant to temperature. Such a pan can withstand heating up to 450 degrees without any problems.
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties - freshly cooked and covered food stays hot for a long time.
But unlike Teflon, the ceramic pan cannot be washed in dishwashers, it is not compatible with induction cookers. In addition, it is "disposable" - its surface cannot be reanimated (if accidentally dropped or hit by hard objects, the layer is easily covered with chips and cracks). While Teflon utensils are quickly and easily restored by Novaflon specialists.

Drawing conclusions

Each of the presented pans has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Explore, analyze and choose - what is right for you. But the obvious is striking - with all the advantages of ceramics in comparison with Teflon pans, it has obvious and significant disadvantages:
  • high cost;
  • heavier weight;
  • incompatibility with induction hobs and dishwashers;
  • high probability of injury from accidental falls and impacts;
  • inability to restore coverage.
And you can apply a new Teflon coating to dishes of any size and configuration, even during the quarantine period, at Novaflon. Experts take orders from all cities of Ukraine through the transport service Novaya Pochta, provide free consulting services by phone.

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